13T American Outboard Semi-Trailer Axle



Introducing the 13T American Outboard semi-trailer axle, a high-quality, robust trailer part designed for heavy-duty performance and longevity. As an essential component of a trailer, the axle carries the weight of the trailer and its payload, providing stability and balance. This axle is specifically engineered for semi-trailers, ensuring optimal performance even under strenuous conditions.

Product Specifications

This American Outboard semi-trailer axle is a new and original trailer part, featuring a standard size and a substantial maximum payload capacity of 13 tons. It is crafted from high-grade steel, ensuring its durability and ability to withstand significant weights. The axle is an American type, providing compatibility with a wide range of trailers.

The axle comes with a prestigious ISO9001:2008 and ISO/TS16949:2009 certification, guaranteeing its quality and adherence to international manufacturing standards. The track and color of the axle are optional, allowing customization based on user preferences or specific trailer requirements.

Packaging and Delivery

Our packaging process ensures the safety and integrity of the axle during transportation. Each order comprises 58 sets of the axle, loaded securely in a 20-ton container. We understand the importance of your trailer components reaching you in perfect condition, hence we adhere to stringent packaging standards.

13T American Outboard Semi-Trailer Axle: Fuwa Square Beam Axle for Trailer

The 13T American Outboard semi-trailer axle offers a model, RNM1322I, with specific dimensions and features. It comes with a brake size of 420*220mm and a wheel fixing of ISONO. The size of the wheel stud is 10*M22*335. Furthermore, the axle uses a 518445/518445 bearing and has a square beam size of 150mm. The axle’s capacity stands at a sturdy 13 tons, making it a reliable choice for heavy-duty trailers.

JLB American Style Axle Specifications

The JLB American Style Axle comes in various models, each with unique specifications. From the RNM1318I to the RNM1618I, each model sports different brake sizes, wheel stud sizes, bearing types, track lengths, beam sizes, and maximum capacities. Here are the details:

Type Brake Size(mm) No.*Size Of Wheel Stud Bearing Track Length(mm) Beam Size(mm) Max Capacity(T)
RNM1318I 420*180 10*M22*335 518445 518445 1840 150*150 13

Company Information

Our company is a reputed manufacturer and supplier of trailer parts, committed to delivering high-quality, durable components. We adhere to rigorous manufacturing standards and ensure that every product we ship out meets our high quality-control benchmarks. Our products are designed to perform optimally, providing you with the reliability and efficiency you need for your trailers.

Choosing our 13T American Outboard semi-trailer axle means choosing durability, performance, and quality. Whether you are replacing an old axle or building a new trailer, our axle can provide the strength and stability you require. Trust in our expertise and make the right choice for your trailer.