13t Trailer Parts American Type Outboard Axle For Sale



Here we present for sale a robust 13t Trailer Parts American Type Outboard Axle. Manufactured in 2005, this axle model KMM1318B is designed for both trailers and trucks fitting particularly with SINOTRUK (CNHTC) vehicles. The outboard axle, commonly referred to as the Fuwa axle, is crafted from durable steel ensuring long-lasting performance.

Our products come with an ISO9001:2008 certification, confirming our commitment to quality and consistency in manufacturing. The brake size of this axle is available in two dimensions 420×180 or 420×200, catering to different requirements. The bearing model for this axle is 518445, ensuring smooth operation and extended life of the axle.

We prioritize our customers’ needs and thus, we offer good quality products that pass stringent quality checks. We cater to both OEM and bulk orders, providing flexible options for our clients. Our packing protocol ensures the product reaches you in perfect condition, ready for installation.

Shipping and Delivery

Our shipping method is primarily by sea ensuring cost-effective delivery of bulk orders. The axle is shipped from the port of Qingdao, one of the busiest and well-connected ports, ensuring timely delivery to our global clientele.

Fuwa Outboard Specs

Here are the detailed specifications of our 13t American Type Outboard Axle:

Axle Type Brake Size Wheel Fixing No. x Size of Wheel Stud (DIM A) Wheel Reg. Dia. (DIM B) DIM D Bearing Wheel Rim Size Beam Size Axle Capacity Spring Seat Installation Track Length (DIM C) Weight

Our Advantages

We at EPT Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. strive to provide our clients with top-notch trailer parts that come with several advantages. From novel design and various styles to excellent materials, we offer products that are known for quality and durability. We use environmentally friendly materials and equipment in our manufacturing process. We also provide outstanding and satisfactory after-sale services.

We understand that each client has unique needs and thus, we offer flexibility in terms of colors, sizes, and other requirements. We warmly welcome both small and large orders, ensuring each client gets the attention they deserve.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Are you a factory?

A: Yes, we are a factory with a dedicated sales team ready to help you choose the best products for your needs.

Q2: What’s your delivery time?

A: Typically, the delivery time is 15-20 days, ensuring a balance between speed and quality.

Q3: What is the convenient way to pay?

A: We accept L/C, T/T, Unionpay, and DP for payment. If you have other preferences, feel free to discuss with us.

Q4: Which type of shipping would be better?

A: We generally recommend sea transportation for its cost-effectiveness and safety. However, we are open to other forms of transportation based on your preference.

Contact Us

For further information, reach out to our sales representative Emily Zhang at EPT Industry And Trade Co., Ltd. Contact us at TEL: +54 3564 443823, FAX: , or on mobile at +54 3564 443823 (also available on WhatsApp).