16T American Trailer Axles with Round Beam



When it comes to reliable and robust construction, the 16T American Trailer Axles with Round Beam are in a class of their own. Designed for use in trailers, these high-performance axles are constructed to handle payloads of up to 16 tonnes, making them a go-to choice for heavy-duty transportation.

These trailer axles come in various sizes, including standard size, 420*180, 420*200, and 420*220. The different sizes are tailored to meet the diverse needs of trailer owners, ensuring they deliver optimal performance in different operational conditions.

Certification and Quality Assurance

Quality is a paramount factor when designing these axles. As such, they are certified under GB/T 19001-2008 / ISO9001-2008, a testament to their impressive quality and reliability. This certification guarantees that the axles comply with the set international standards, offering users unparalleled assurance of their durability and functionality.

Packaging and Shipping

When it comes to shipping, these trailer axles are packaged meticulously to ensure their safety during transit. A single 20ft container can load up to 58 pieces in bulk or in a pallet, maximizing shipping efficiency. Shipping is done through the renowned QINGDAO PORT, ensuring timely and secure delivery.

Product Features

The 16T American Trailer axles with round beam come with an array of remarkable features that enhance their performance and longevity. For starters, they have an outboard-drum, a round beam, or square beam, Mobil Grease, and an ABS and T30 brake chamber.

Detailed Specifications

The JLB American Style Axle Specifications are as follows:

Type Brake Size(mm) Track Length(mm) Beam Size(mm) Max Capacity(T)
RNM1318I 420*180 1840 150*150 13

Main Products

These axles form part of a wider range of products, including Germany Axle, English Axle, American Axle, Bogie Suspension, half axle, Suspension parts, fifth wheel, kingpin, and other trailer parts. Each of these products is designed to meet the stringent standards and quality that characterize our brand.

Product Characteristics

The 16T American Trailer axles with Round Beam boast of several unique features. First, they feature a special heat-treated, low-alloy steel axle beam, offering superior synthetic performance, strong load ability, and lower self-weight. The high-quality alloy solid inserted spindle undergoes a thorough heat treatment, providing superior fatigue capability. The high-performance premium non-asbestos brake linings extend the service life of the axles.

Additional safety measures include an easy-fit ABS installation and a camshaft, matched with special seals, that ensures no entry of grease into the brake drum. The tight-fit hub cap features O rings for superior sealing, and the grease lubricant supplied by Mobil lengthens the time of free maintenance. The axles are also compatible with a full range of stud fixing such as ISO, BSF, and JAP to meet the requirements of various wheel rims.

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We are proud holders of ISO9001:2000, TS16949 certification for our management system. We faithfully follow the stipulations of this standard to guarantee high product quality. As a supplier for several Chinese automobile producers, we also export our products to clients throughout the international marketplace. Our main overseas customer bases now include Southeast Asia, Europe, America, and the Middle East.

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