Factory Directly Sell Truck Axles 13T 16T Out board Drum Series Axle American Type Axle



Meet your trailer part needs with our high-quality, factory-direct truck axles. Built to last with a maximum payload of 16T, these 13T 16T Out board Drum Series Axles are made with heavy-duty steel and follow the American type model. This product is designed for reliable performance and is perfect for your trailer parts requirements.


These axles come in a standard size of 1850*50*50 and are constructed from durable steel. They are designed to meet American type axle standards and come in a standard package for secure transit and easy installation. Every two or three axles are connected by an iron sheet to avoid damage during transportation or installation. Each package is designed to fit perfectly in a 20ft container, with the capacity to load 58 pcs of axle in one go.

High Performance and Durability

These truck axles are constructed with special heat-treated, low-alloy steel axle beams, offering excellent synthetic performance, robust load capability, and reduced self-weight. The high-quality alloy solid inserted spindle, wholly heat-treated, provides superior fatigue capacity, extending the lifespan of the product.

Advanced Brake System

The axles are equipped with high-performance premium non-asbestos brake linings for extended service life. They are easy to equip with ABS installation for enhanced safety. The camshaft, designed with special seals, ensures no entry of grease into the brake drum, adding an extra layer of safety.

Easy Maintenance

These axles are designed for easy maintenance, with new tight-fit hub caps equipped with O rings for high sealing property. They are supplied with Mobil grease lubricant, which lengthens the time of free maintenance. The axles also come with a full range of stud fixing options such as ISO, BSF, and JAP, catering to the requirements of various wheel rims.

Variety of Products

Products TypeAmerican Type Axle
English Type Axle
Germany Type Axle
SWS Type Axle
ZM Type Axle
Spoke Axle

Our Certification

As a testament to our commitment to quality, we hold ISO9001:2015 certification for our management system. This ensures that we strictly adhere to the stipulations of this standard, guaranteeing high product quality.

Our Show

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    Packing and Shipping

    Our axles are securely packed to ensure they reach you in perfect condition. A 20GP container could hold up to 58pcs of axle, and we can load them according to your requirements.

    Company Introduction

    EPT Trade Co., Ltd. has introduced sophisticated equipment from overseas to develop and manufacture semi-trailer axles and related parts. Following the principle of “Customers first”, our products are guaranteed to be dependable quality and be offered with full after-sales service.

    Our Services and Strength

    All the axle beams have a lifetime guarantee, and the warranty period for easy-destroyed parts is one year. Some special specifications can be produced by customer’s request, such as the color and the hub logo.


    Our company has manufactured Axle and Suspension for more than ten years, exporting to many countries and achieving high sales volume. We look forward to your cooperation and promise to provide you with high-quality products and the best prices.