Factory trailer axle American type axle with good price



When it comes to trailer parts, the axle is an essential component. It plays a vital role in the overall performance and safety of the trailer. This article offers an in-depth look at our factory trailer axle, an American type axle available at an unbeatable price.

Trailer Axle Specifications

Our American type axle is designed for trailer use. It is fashioned from high-quality steel, ensuring its strength and durability. The axle is available in a standard size and comes in a sleek black color. We can also customize the color based on your requirements.

The axle boasts a maximum payload of 16T and varying capacities including 13T, 15T, and 16T. This range of capacities caters to different trailer sizes and weights, ensuring we have the perfect axle for your specific trailer needs.

The axle’s beam size is either round 127 or square 150, and it has a track length of 1840mm or 1850mm. The wheel fixing is ISO JAP and the axle utilizes bearings 518445 220149.

Our American type axle is ISO/TS16949 certified, which is a testament to its high-quality construction and performance. The axle is packaged in nude or as per your requirement, with one 20-feet container being able to load 58 sets of axle.

As for the port of shipment, we primarily use Qingdao or other ports in China based on your preference.

Red Type Six Trailer Parts for Sale

In addition to our American type axle, we also offer red type six trailer parts for sale. These parts are designed to complement your trailer and enhance its performance.

Specifications of Red Type Six Trailer Parts

The red type six trailer parts come in different axle types, brake sizes, and wheel fixing. The axle types include KMM1318I, KMM1320I, KMM1322I, KMM1318Q, KMM1318J, KMM1622I, KMM1620I, KMM1618I, KMMR1318I, KMMR1320I, KMMR1322I, KMMR1318J, KMMR1318IQ, KMMR1622I, KMMR1620I, and KMMR1618I.

The brake sizes range from 420*180 to 420*220. The wheel fixing is either ISO or JAP, depending on the axle type. The number and size of wheel stud vary as well, with options like 10*M22*335 and 8*M20*285.75 available.

The wheel registration diameter, dimension D, and wheel rim size are also specified for each axle type. All these specifications are designed to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of what each part offers.

Why Choose Our Trailer Parts?

Our trailer parts boast novel design and various styles. They are made from excellent materials, ensuring their durability and performance. Our designs are professional and animated, providing a modern and aesthetically pleasing look.

We use environmentally friendly materials and equipment in the production of our trailer parts. This not only ensures the quality of our products but also contributes to environmental conservation.

We strive to provide top-quality products and the best services to our clients. We offer marvelous and satisfactory after-sale services, ensuring that any issues you encounter are resolved promptly and effectively.

We cater to all orders, even those in small quantities. We value and appreciate all our clients, regardless of the size of their order. We enthusiastically welcome your order and look forward to providing you with the best trailer parts in the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are we a factory? Yes, we are a factory, but not just a factory. We have a sales team and our own offices, all of which can help buyers and cooperative partners decide which products are the best choices for them.

What’s our Delivery Time? In general, the delivery time is 15-20 days. We will make the delivery as soon as possible with the guaranteed quality.

What is the convenient way to pay? We accept L/C, T/T, Unionpay, DP, and we are open to other payment methods.

Which type of shipping would be better? Generally, we advise sea transportation for its cheap and safe advantages. However, we respect your views of other transportation methods as well.

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