Factory Trailer Part 13T 16T American Type Trailer Axle for Sale



Our American Type Factory Trailer Part, with a size range of 13T to 16T, is now available for purchase. This product is a vital component for all types of trailers and is manufactured to the highest industry standards.

Product Specifications

Our American Type Trailer Axle is a standard-sized trailer part, specifically designed for use in a variety of trailer models. Made from high-quality casting steel, this trailer axle guarantees durability and performance.

The product has been certified by ISO9001:2008 and TS16949:2009, ensuring that it meets international quality standards. It features a maximum payload capacity of 16T, making it suitable for heavy-duty applications.

The axle comes with a track length of 1850mm, providing sufficient space for the installation of wheels and other components. Each axle is equipped with 10 studs, each measuring M22*335mm. These studs ensure the secure attachment of wheels to the axle.

The product also includes an ISO certified wheel fixing system that guarantees the safety and stability of the wheels. The axle uses bearings 518445 220149, known for their high load-bearing capacity and durability.

Furthermore, the brake size of the axle is 420x180mm, ensuring efficient braking performance under different conditions. The product also features a beam size of square 150mm, providing additional support to the structure of the trailer.

Ordering and Packaging Details

We offer flexibility when it comes to ordering our trailer axles. Whether you have a large order or require a smaller quantity, we can accommodate your needs.

For packaging, we adhere to the specific requirements of our customers. We ensure that each axle is packed securely to prevent any damage during transit. Typically, our 20ft containers can accommodate up to 58 pieces of trailer axles, either in bulk or on pallets.

Orders can be shipped through the port of QINGDAO, ensuring a smooth and efficient delivery process.

Additional Product Information

Our trailer axles come in a variety of types, each offering different specifications to cater to diverse needs. These axles vary in terms of brake size, wheel fixing system, size of wheel studs, bearing type, track length, beam size, and maximum capacity.

For instance, the KMM1318I type axle comes with a brake size of 420*180mm, an ISO wheel fixing system, 10*M22*335mm stud size, 281mm wheel REG.DIA, 518445 518445 bearing, 1840mm track length, S150 beam size, and a maximum capacity of 13T.

Similarly, the KMM1622I type axle comes with a brake size of 420*220mm, an ISO wheel fixing system, 10*M22*335mm stud size, 281mm wheel REG.DIA, 518445 220149 bearing, 1850mm track length, S150 beam size, and a maximum capacity of 16T.

You may refer to our product specification table for more details on each type of axle.

Our Company Profile and Services

We are a reputable factory specializing in the manufacture of high-quality trailer parts. Our team is committed to providing professional, environmentally friendly, convenient, and efficient packaging services.

We ensure that all your requirements and inquiries are addressed promptly. Our standard delivery time is 15-20 days, but we strive to deliver your orders as soon as possible without compromising on quality.

For payment, we accept L/C, T/T, Unionpay, and DP. We are open to other payment methods if you have a better suggestion. While we recommend sea transportation for its cost-effectiveness and safety, we respect and accommodate your preference for other modes of transportation.

For further inquiries, feel free to contact Elaine Chao at +86 18661443861 or +86-532-55550738. You can also send a fax to + or reach out via QQ: 1982294056.

We look forward to providing you with high-quality trailer parts that will enhance the performance and safety of your trailers.