Fuwa American Type Outboard Trailer Axle For Sale



Discover the superior quality of the Fuwa American Type Outboard Trailer Axle, a premium trailer part designed to facilitate smooth and efficient movement of trailers. This axle is made specifically for trailers and crafted with precision to ensure it fits seamlessly and works perfectly.

Quality Materials for Durability

Built from robust and enduring steel, this trailer axle guarantees longevity and resilience even under the most strenuous conditions. The design features a round or square axle tube, allowing for flexibility in application. The axle’s steel construction ensures it can withstand heavy payloads and rigorous use, making it a reliable choice for your trailer needs.

Product Specifications

Designed for a maximum payload of 12t, 13t, 16t, this axle fits a size of 13t to 16t, promising a perfect fit for trailers of varied sizes. The brake size is 420×220/420×180, offering efficient braking performance for safety and control while in motion. The axle’s track length is 1850mm, providing stability and balance for your trailer. This American type axle has a capacity of 13t to 16t, demonstrating its ability to handle substantial weight.

Certified Quality

This American type axle comes with an ISO/TS16949 certification, reflecting its adherence to international quality standards. This certification is a testament to its superior construction and excellent performance capabilities. Packaged securely in a container, this axle is delivered in perfect condition, ready for immediate use.

American Outboarding Axle Specifications 16T

The American Outboarding Axle Specifications 16T includes a host of features that enhance its performance and usability. The axle type is KMM622E with a brake size of 420×220. The wheel fixing is ISO-standard, with 10XM22X335 size of wheel stud (DIM A). Its wheel registration diameter (DIM B) is 281, and the DIM D is 738. It fits an 8.00-20” wheel rim size and features a square 150 beam size. The axle capacity is 16T, with a spring seat installation of ≤450, and a track length (DIM C) of 1850mm. The weight of the axle is 440KG.

Notable Advantages

This axle offers a novel design and various styles, ensuring it suits different types of trailers. Its excellent material selection coupled with professional and animated design makes it a top choice among trailer owners. The axle is also manufactured using environmentally favorable materials and equipment, making it a sustainable choice for eco-conscious consumers.

Customer Service

Our commitment to our customers goes beyond providing top-quality products. We offer the best services and provide marvelous and satisfactory after-sale services. We are flexible and can adjust colors, sizes, and other requirements to meet your specific needs. We welcome and value every order, regardless of size.


This American type axle has been certified for its quality and performance, demonstrating its ability to deliver as expected. The certifications act as an assurance of the axle’s premium quality and reliability.

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