Fuwa Truck Axle American Type Outboard Axle Made In China



Introducing the Fuwa Truck Axle, an American-type outboard axle engineered and manufactured in China. This high-quality product, model Golden Prince, is designed to fit SINOTRUK (CNHTC) vehicles, ensuring a reliable and efficient performance for your truck operations.

Constructed from robust steel, this axle boasts an impressive size of 16t, making it a robust addition to your truck. The axle is specifically designed for trailers, making it a versatile piece for various types of vehicles. The product name reflects its design and efficiency, it’s an American type axle crafted to meet and exceed North American standards.

The Fuwa Truck Axle is ISO9001:2008 certified, demonstrating its commitment to the highest quality standards and adherence to international regulations. Its application is primarily for trailers, ensuring that your trailer can handle the weight and distribution of heavy loads.

This rear trailer axle has a length of 1850mm, providing a sturdy and reliable base for your trailer. The quality of this axle is simply top-notch, ensuring you receive a product that is durable and designed to last. The axle comes in a specially designed wood package, ensuring its safety during transport. With a brake size of 420×220, it promises exceptional stopping power and safety on the road.

Shipping of this product is done through sea transport, promising a secure and cost-effective delivery method. To ensure optimal protection during transit, the axle comes in a solid wooden pallet. The port of dispatch for this product is QINGDAO, guaranteeing swift and efficient shipping.

Fuwa Outboard Specs

The Fuwa Truck Axle comes with a range of specifications, each designed to enhance its performance and reliability. These specifications include the axle type, brake size, wheel fixing, number and size of wheel stud, wheel registration diameter, dimension D, bearing, wheel rim size, beam size, axle capacity, spring seat installation, track length, and weight.

Detailed specs of different models are given in the table below:

Company Information

Fuwa is a reputable company known for its industry-leading manufacturing processes and high-quality products. Our products are designed to meet the highest standards, ensuring reliability and longevity. We believe in providing our customers with the best product experience, from the point of purchase to the after-sales service.


Our commitment to quality and excellence is evident in our ISO9001:2008 certification. This certification is a testament to our dedication to maintaining the highest standards in our products and services.


We regularly participate in industry exhibitions, showcasing our latest products and innovations. These exhibitions provide us with an opportunity to connect with our customers and receive valuable feedback.

Contact Information

For more information about our products or to place an order, please contact Emily Zhang at EPT Industry And Trade Co., Ltd. You can reach Emily at TEL:+54 3564 443823, FAX:, or on mobile at +54 3564 443823 (also available on WhatsApp). We look forward to assisting you with your truck axle needs.