Trailers parts axle 13 ton semi trailer America type axle



If you’re seeking high-quality trailer parts, specifically a 13-ton semi-trailer axle of the American type, then you’re in luck. This component is designed specifically for use in trailers and is a crucial component of the trailer axles system.

One of the primary features of this axle is its impressive maximum payload capacity. It can handle up to 16 tons, making it one of the most robust options available in the market. It’s an excellent choice for heavy-duty applications where large amounts of cargo need to be transported.

The axle comes in a standard size, which means it can be incorporated into most trailers without any significant modifications. It’s made of steel, a material known for its exceptional strength and durability. Whether it’s for long hauls or short trips, this axle is built to withstand the rigors of any journey.

When it comes to aesthetics, you can choose the axle in black or request a custom color that suits your trailer’s design. Regardless of the color, the axle is designed to withstand the elements and resist corrosion over time, ensuring it retains its aesthetic appeal for years to come.

The axle is certified under ISO/TS16949, an international standard that specifies the quality system requirements for the design, development, production, and servicing of automotive-related products. This certification ensures the axle has undergone rigorous testing and meets high-quality standards.

This axle offers varying capacities including 13T, 15T, and 16T, giving you the flexibility to select the one that best meets your towing needs. Additionally, it features a beam size of round 127 / square 150 and a track length of 1840mm / 1850mm, which contributes to its overall stability and performance.

The axle utilizes ISO and JAP wheel fixing standards, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of wheels. It also uses bearings 518445 220149, known for their high load-carrying capacity and ability to reduce friction, thus enhancing the axle’s performance.

As for packaging and delivery, the axle is packaged in nude or as per your requirement, ensuring it arrives in perfect condition. The axle can be shipped from Qingdao or other ports in China, depending on your preference and convenience.

The axle comes in different models, each with distinct specifications in terms of brake size, wheel fixing, number and size of wheel studs, wheel registration diameter, DIM D, bearing, and wheel rim size. This variety allows you to choose the axle that fits your specific requirements and application.

What sets this axle apart is its novel design and diverse styles, which cater to different aesthetic preferences. It utilizes excellent materials, ensuring its durability and longevity. Its professional and animated design makes it a standout, while the environmentally favorable materials and equipment used in its production make it an eco-friendly choice.

With this axle, you can expect top-quality and best services, including marvelous and satisfactory after-sale services. No matter the color, size, or other requirements you have, these can be adjusted as per your needs. Whether you have a large order or a small one, your business is always enthusiastically welcomed.

If you have any questions or inquiries about this axle, there’s a dedicated team ready to assist. Whether it’s about delivery time, payment methods, or shipping options, they’re committed to providing timely and comprehensive responses to ensure you have all the information you need.