Axle and Wheel

Axles and wheels are fundamental components in various types of machinery, vehicles, and devices. Their roles and how they interact are crucial for the functionality and efficiency of the systems they’re part of.

Reliable Design

Due to Durable design and highly practical solutions, mechanical suspensions from us could Adapt to a variety of complex road conditions.


Our product portfolio covers axle loads from13T to 20T. We have appropriate solutions for every market, but especially when transporting heavy loads under difficult road conditions.

Simple Self-Servicing

Mechanical running gears from us are designed to allow assembly and maintenance with simple tools. Drivers and users can carry out self-maintenance and repair of the suspension anytime, anywhere.

What we Do


Conveyor Systems

Axles are used in conveyor belts as pivot points and support for the rollers. These axles allow smooth movement of goods in factories, warehouses, and distribution centers.

Agricultural Machinery

In farming equipment like tractors and combines, axles are critical for both mobility and functionality. They support heavy loads and often provide power to the wheels or other components.

Construction Equipment

Construction vehicles such as bulldozers, excavators, and dump trucks rely on strong axles for mobility and operation in rugged environments.


In aircraft landing gear, axles play a critical role in wheel assembly, bearing the weight of the aircraft during takeoff and landing.

Amusement Park Rides

Axles are used in roller coasters and other rides for wheel assembly, ensuring safe and smooth movement along the tracks.

Robotic Systems

In robotics, axles are used in wheel assemblies and joint mechanisms, contributing to the mobility and functionality of robots.

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Axle Issues to Consider

When choosing the right axle ratio for your vehicle, keep a few things in mind. Remember:

  • A vehicle’s window sticker reveals the fuel economy data for the standard axle ratio. If the truck has a custom axle ratio option, the fuel economy is automatically lower.
  • It’s impossible to compare different automakers’ optional axle ratios. The various tire sizes affect the system gear, which impacts the final figure.
  • Many dealers refer to lower axle ratios as tall gears and higher axle ratios as short gears. The former usually have better gas mileage, while the latter can generally haul heavier loads.

Our Advantages

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<4>Environmentally friendly materials and equipment.
<5>Provide the highest quality service.
<6>Excellent and satisfactory after-sales service.
<7>Color, size, etc. can be adjusted according to your requirements.
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Axle for Sale

As a axle manufacturer, we will do our best to serve you. If you need customized products, or the products you need are not found on our website, or need a product catalog, don’t worry, more of our products are still being uploaded. You can email us directly, and we will reply to you within 24 hours!

  • Functionality: Transmits power from the differential to the wheels. It is called a ‘live’ axle because it actively turns the wheels as part of the drivetrain.
  • Common Use: Often found in rear-wheel-drive vehicles where the axle is responsible for delivering power from the transmission to the rear wheels.
Live Axle

  • Functionality: Does not transmit power; it only supports the weight of the vehicle.
  • Common Use: Typically used in front-wheel-drive cars where the front axle is responsible for steering and the rear axle is a dead axle.
Dead Axle

  • Functionality: Consists of two or more axles situated close together. Tandem axles can be either powered or non-powered.
  • Common Use: Common in large trucks and buses to support heavier loads. They help distribute the weight over a larger area.
Tandem Axles

Transmission,rear axle,drive axle,hydraulic drive axles

Below is with our information

1.Innovated gear transmission technology;
2. Differential axles ranges from 3kw -20 kg drive kit for electric vehicles;
3. Brake: Hydraulic drum, self-restoration;
4. Regular reduction ratio: 5/6.5/8:/9/10.6/12.31:1/ 16.2/17.8/18.6/19.6/21/25;
5. Max loading capacity: 2000kg;
6. Regular internal end distance: 950mm/1100mm/1280mm/1350mm;
7. Regular PCD distance: 4*Φ100mm, 4*Φ101.6mm, 5*Φ114.3mm

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