13t 16t Trailer Parts Fuwa Axle American Outboard Axle



When it comes to reliable trailer parts, the 13t 16t Fuwa Axle American Outboard Axle should be on top of your list. Designed for a variety of Abarth models manufactured between 2008 and 2016, this part is an essential component in ensuring the smooth operation of your trailer or truck.

This outboard axle is made of high-quality steel with a polished surface treatment that adds to its durability and longevity. Its length measures 1840mm, making it suitable for most trailer models. It holds an ISO9001:2008 certificate, assuring you of its quality and compliance with international standards.

But what is an outboard axle, and why is it important? An outboard axle is part of your vehicle’s suspension system. It connects the wheel to the drive train components, allowing the transfer of power from the engine to the wheels, making your vehicle move. It is a critical part of vehicle performance and safety. Therefore, choosing a high-quality outboard axle like this one is crucial.

Technical Specifications

The Fuwa Axle American Outboard Axle comes with several technical specifications. Here’s a closer look:

  • Product Name: American outboard axle
  • Model Number: Trailer
  • Car Make: Abarth
  • Length: 1840mm
  • Application: Trailer or truck
  • Material: High-quality steel
  • Surface Treatment: Polished
  • Port: Qingdao
  • Payment: T/T

Fuwa Outboard Axle Specs

Several models of the Fuwa Axle Outboard Axle are available. Each one has specific brake sizes, wheel fixing, wheel stud sizes, wheel rim sizes, beam sizes, axle capacity, spring seat installation, track length, and weight.

Here are some models and their corresponding specs:

Please note that all measurements are in millimeters and kilograms unless otherwise specified. The capacity of each model varies from 13t to 16t. All models come with a 1-year warranty, ensuring your peace of mind with each purchase.

Company Information

This product is manufactured by Fuwa, a reputable company known for producing high-quality and reliable trailer parts. They are committed to providing top-of-the-line products that meet international standards. They also provide excellent customer service, ensuring that all your needs and inquiries are addressed promptly.


What sets the Fuwa Axle American Outboard Axle apart from its competitors? Here are some advantages:

  • Novel design and various styles. This outboard axle is not just about function; it’s also about form. With its modern design and style, it can enhance the overall look of your vehicle.
  • High-quality materials. Made of high-quality steel, this outboard axle is built to last. It can withstand the demands of daily use and harsh driving conditions.
  • Excellent customer service. Fuwa is known for its exceptional customer service. They ensure that all customer inquiries and concerns are addressed in a timely and professional manner.
  • Environment-friendly materials. The materials used in the production of this outboard axle are safe for the environment. Fuwa is committed to promoting sustainable practices in its operations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We understand that you might have some questions about the Fuwa Axle American Outboard Axle. Here are some commonly asked ones:

Q1: Is Fuwa a factory?

Yes, Fuwa is a factory. They have their own sales team and offices to assist buyers and partners in choosing the best products for their needs.

Q2: What’s the delivery time?

In general, the delivery time is 15-20 days. However, Fuwa ensures that all deliveries are made as soon as possible without compromising the quality of the products.

Q3: What is the convenient way to pay?

Fuwa accepts payments through L/C, T/T, Unionpay, and DP. If you have other payment methods in mind, feel free to discuss it with them.

Q4: Which type of shipping would be better?

In consideration of the cost and safety, sea transportation is generally recommended. However, Fuwa respects your preferences for other types of transportation.

Contact Information

For more information about the Fuwa Axle American Outboard Axle, you can contact Emily Zhang from EPT Industry And Trade Co.,Ltd. You can reach her at +54 3564 443823 or +54 3564 443823 (also her WhatsApp ID). You can also send a .

Invest in the Fuwa Axle American Outboard Axle today and experience the difference it can make to your vehicle’s performance and safety.